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Buster has retired

My world famous Roost is now sold exclusively by Sams Smoker. You can get Buster's Roost and other fine BBQ products at samssmoker.com. Click on the Order Now button, and go directly to Sams. And now, browse thru the Drunk Chicken site, see the Cooking Photos, get some ideas from the Recipes section, and send me some photos of your chickens. Then, buy from Sam - he'll do you right.

Always enjoy the best chicken you ever tasted, cooked on the Internationally acclaimed and World Award Winning Busters Drunk Chicken Roost.

The Finest Beer Can Chicken Cooker On The PLANET

Thanks to all my great customers, and Happy Roostin to you.



Buster's Drunk Chicken Roost TM
The finest beer can chicken cooker on the Planet TM
Buster's Drunk Chicken Roost, the best drunk chicken beer can chicken cooker on the Planet.Easy instructions for drunk chicken and beer can chicken cooking

Get ready for the best beer can chicken you have ever tasted! Juicy, tender and flavorful, nothing beats a drunk chicken cooked on the Roost! Works in your grill or kitchen oven with your choice of spice rub and beverage (its not just for beer!). Click on Instructions for details. Whether you are cooking a single chicken for a quiet dinner or four for a tailgate party, you can't go wrong with our Roost! Uses less than one square foot of grill space. Don't miss the Georgia Chicken Cookin' Championship recipe included with each Roost. Buster's Drunk Chicken Roost™ makes it easy! The perfect cooking accessory for grillers, or for anyone that wants great tasting chicken!

Buster's Drunk Chicken Roost is a High Performance 4 barrel beer can chicken cooker, and it goes from chicken to grill in 5 minutes flat! For customized performance, each barrel can be loaded seperately with your choice of inserts. Slot frame design reduces weight, and a competition suspension system keeps it flat on the grill with the cans upright, and it stops chicken flop. Vertical grab handle provides operator comfort, and rust-proof stainless steel construction means less time in the roost wash. And if you like to smoke 'em up, this will really please the crowd. Try one today, and be the winner in your circle!




4 Big Green Egg chickens

See Recipes for this Georgia Chicken Cookin' Championship Winning recipe.


There are some real good chicken recipes out there in BBQ land, and great teams that cook 'em. Here are some of the best to be found.




Classic Drunk Chicken
See Recipes for this easy to fix, healthy chicken dish.


Drunk Chicken Truck
Look for us on the road to great cooking.





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